thickness of AB corrugated box

What is the thickness of AB corrugated box? 7mm


The thickness of AB corrugated box is 7mm.

The five-layer corrugated box is also called double corrugated box. The cardboard structure of the five-layer corrugated box is made of face paper, lining paper, core paper and two corrugated core paper. The combination of corrugated type usually adopts AB type, AC type, BC type or BE type, etc. It is mainly used for the packaging of single-piece packaging with lighter weight and fragile contents. It can be seen that the AB corrugated box is a five-layer corrugated box. The thickness of AB corrugated box is 7mm.

The thickness of the cardboard is a very important factor in the design of corrugated boxes. It not only determines the size of the corrugated box but also affects the strength of the corrugated box. Generally it is the sum of base paper thickness and corrugated height. Corrugated board thickness calculation formula:


t——the actual thickness of corrugated board (mm) tn——the thickness of inner and outer paper and sandwich paper (mm)

tmn——thickness of corrugated core paper (mm) Fkn——height of corrugated roll (mm)

d——Thickness loss during the manufacturing process of corrugated board (mm)

The smaller the d value, the greater the actual thickness of the corrugated board and the higher its quality.

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