What is washable kraft paper?

Washable kraft paper, as the name implies, is washable, printable, laminating, coating, silk screen kraft paper, is a new type of low-carbon environmental protection material. The thickness is usually 0.55mm.

The raw material of washable kraft paper is natural fiber pulp, which does not contain any harmful substances, is recycled, degradable, recyclable and so on. It has been widely used in South Korea and Japan.

Washable kraft paper feels comfortable and close to leather. It is a new material developed by high-end luggage merchants. It can also be used to make computer bags, large handbags, clothing (denim clothing) signs, hang tags, leather cards, and high-end notebook cover. It has the characteristics of high stitching strength, strong abrasion resistance and high flexibility. Therefore, this material is particularly wear-resistant and durable. It is a new material that many export luggage suppliers are looking for. The market outlook is very impressive.

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